Cooke City and the Beartooth Scenic Byway



After you put the miles in!

Plan on putting your feet up.

The miles may not seem long, but this will be a long day of climbing, descending and climbing again. The Beartooth Pass throws about all types of weather at you, even on a good day you’ll still have wind and maybe even a small rain shower. Take time to look around the Beartooth Pass as you pedal over and we will be there to point out areas of interest. There could be weather this day, and we will do our best to keep everyone advised and safe.

Camp and Local Lodging

Please note we only shuttle to accommodations listed below. If you choose to find another place, be sure you have the address and be prepared to ride your bike there.

High Country Inn Motel and Cabins - sold out

Alpine Motel

Soda Butte Lodge

Skyline Guest Ranch